My name is Annie Poliacof and I am a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach.  I am the Founder and CEO of AnnieOrganic, which is a 100% virtual practice.


Growing up as an overweight child was tough.

I was made fun of, when all that I wanted was to “fit in” with the pretty, popular girls.


Isn’t that what society says?


If you're pretty and thin, then you have it all?!? 


That's what ends up giving most of us, especially women, eating disorders. And what has us thinking that we're not good enough. 


It knocks us out of balance because we end up either not eating, or bouncing from one fad diet to another, with the hope of attaining that elusive "quick fix" - when in fact, all it does is end up hurting us more. 


Well that's my story!

Weight loss and fitness became an obsession for me. So much so, that it actually hurt me for 20 years.


Even though I lost the weight that I wanted to, I was a prisoner in my own body. Nothing was ever good enough. If I was 120 pounds, I wanted to be 115 pounds. If the jeans didn't fit just right one day, my day was ruined. 


Does that sound familiar?

I would hardly eat, and I exercised excessively, thinking that was my solution - but it wasn't. 


Over time my body began to fight back, and I actually started gaining weight. And eventually, there was no more weight loss, regardless of what I tried.

I was tired, stressed, moody and had horrible PMS. And I was afraid to eat, for fear of gaining weight again. 

  And this is the struggle for many of us! 

But we have to trust the process, and understand that we have to feed our bodies the proper nutrients in order for it to function.

It took me a long time to understand that. But eventually I let go, and I started to eat a very balanced organic nutrient dense diet, where I included all different types of whole foods that are packed with phytochemicals and micronutrients.

I started to follow the macronutrients that I needed for my energy needs, and within a few weeks I started to lose weight, reduce inflammation, and I leaned out fairly quickly.


Today I still follow the same lifestyle and I am in the best health and shape I have ever been in. 

And I'd like to help you do the same! 

Annie Poliacof, FMCHC, CN

Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach

AnnieOrganic Charicature

I hold a certification of nutrition from Precision Nutrition and have over 20 years of experience in the field of nutrition and holistic health. 

Before I decided to become a Practitioner I was a Licensed Massage Therapist and Clinical Sales Consultant for a few professional Supplement Brands, where I educated and trained other Holistic Practitioners on these supplements.

The best experience that I have gained over the years has been through my own life experiences and all of my clinical nutrition training.


And this gives me not only the knowledge, but the confidence that I need to carry forward in my mission to help others!