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You have come to me because you would like to make a change!

A change in your lifestyle, so that you can be a healthier and a happier version of you!

In order to make a proper assessment, I will need to evaluate you from the 'functional medicine' side of things. 


I provide my clients with a questionnaire that gathers information concerning current heath, behavioural patterns, and eating habits.


After reviewing your information we will move on to a virtual consultation, where we will address your weight loss and lifestyle goals.


Once we have gone over all of that, we will work together to establish a customized nutritional program, and determine the best method to bring you to a place of optimal health and happiness!

That personalized meal program will be designed to meet your daily micro and macronutrient needs - depending on your specific goals, lifestyle, and energy requirements.


If you are someone who exercises and wants to get lean and more fit, we will address balancing your food intake and receiving the proper nutrients.


This will also help to balance your hormones, and have you feeling like yourself again. 


Furthermore, we will address stress and how that can be reduced. 


And last, but certainly not least, I will recommend an individualized supplement plan specific to your lifestyle and requirements.

Work With Me

As a Functional Medicine, Certified Health Coach, my clients come to me for guidance and accountability.


I am caring and enthusiastic about providing you with the tools that you will need in order to succeed.

And I also understand that everyone's metabolism is different, and that no two people have the exact same things going on in their lives - and this is why I work with you to tailor a plan that will provide YOU every opportunity for success!


Additionally, everyone has a different understanding of what they should or should not eat, and that can be very confusing because of what's out there in the news and social media.

Diet is, of course, one part. But the other can be a blend of stress, hormone imbalance, and emotions. And let's not forget exercise!

 If we can get all of those things in harmony, I can have you looking AND feeling your best!


I like to educate my clients on the importance of food and the different nutritional values they have - especially phytonutrients. 


My approach is flexible dieting, which is simply the counting and tracking of macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates, and fat) to achieve an ideal body composition.


It is my goal, and my passion, for you to Regain Your Life!

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